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FH Studio Design Group

Our experienced designers, project managers, and strategists are passionate about creating memorable and immersive experiences that transform spaces into inspiring places. With innovation, forward-thinking, and great communication, we approach each project with a fresh perspective, to achieve the best outcome. 

We provide cost-effective solutions that surpass those of our competitors, delivering award-winning designs that are both budget-friendly and impressive. Let us help you bring your vision to life and transform your retail, restaurant, grocery, or c-store space with our unique blend of creativity and style. 


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Simon Xpress

I told them what my vision of a store would look like; I told them I’m looking for customer service, walking in and walking out and getting the experience,” said Simon. I wanted them to help me take my design ideas that I have, my ability to think of customers’ convenience. … So I told them about all that and they came up with this design for me. I’ll tell you, we have so many compliments right now. I’ve got not only customers, but our competitors coming in and taking videos, taking pictures,” said Simon. “The colors, the ceiling, everything is top notch.”

- Faiz Simon, President of Island Lane Capital

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Chestnut Market

“Our new store design is a commitment to our guests as we continue to enhance our customer’s experience,” said Sharif Jamal, Director of Brand Development, CPD Group. “Our new, re-branded flagship store will be the first location in Marlboro, NY, making them the first community to experience the new look and feel. We look forward to bringing our new re-fresh to many additional markets within the next two years.”

- Sharif Jamal, Director of Brand Development, CPD Group.

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Commerce Market / Marathon

"My sister and I rebuilt our current marketing and gas station and choosing FH Studio Design Group to design all the fine touches was the best decision we ever made. We worked with Mr. Michael Benincasa, VP of Retail Design & Strategy.  He and his team are amazing, honest, friendly and great entrepreneurs who worked hard to come up with the best possible design for our brand.  Great company and awesome team!"

- Farah & Marah Karana, Owners of Commerce Market

Elevating Your Business Through Customer-Centric Design & Exceptional Service

Our design philosophy is centered around the customer journey. Our strategists and designers possess a keen understanding of consumer psychology and shopping behavior, enabling us to adapt these insights into the customer's path through the store, creating a harmonious brand experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to comprehend the return on investment and the impact of efficient retail design, and we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. 


Our mission is to help your business thrive by crafting captivating designs that draw in your target audience, boost foot traffic, and ultimately elevate sales. Many leading brands entrust us with their design and graphic programs, from inception to completion. Let FH Studio Design Group partner with you in developing a strategic, results-oriented design package that reflects your brand identity and shapes unforgettable customer experiences.